New Shooters


Welcome to Low Country USPSA! We are here to help you become a better shooter. When you come out to shoot with us you will be shooting with, and learning from, some of the best shooters in the Southeast with backgrounds in competition, military, and law enforcement. We will help you learn how to shoot faster and more accurately than you probably thought was possible.

You will find most of our shooters are very friendly to new competitors and they will be happy to offer pointers if you ask. 

Here is what you should know to get you started:

  •  You are welcome to come out and watch before you try it but we suggest just bringing your gear and jumping right in. You will wish you did. If you do come to watch, bring eye and ear protection and stop by the registration desk to sign a waiver when you arrive.
  • If you do come out to shoot, you will want to arrive to the match at 9AM. The first rule that you need to know is DO NOT PUT ON YOUR GUN AT YOUR CAR! The reason for this is that USPSA matches run on what we call “Cold Range” rules. The only place you should handle your gun is at one of the safety tables or at the firing line. 
  • When you arrive at the range head for the registration desk and we will get you signed in, collect your registration fee, and get you assigned to a squad. Please bring cash if you are registering on-site.
  • To speed up the registration process, we suggest that you pre-register at You can even pre-pay by credit card there if you wish. PractiScore is used for both registration and scoring so you will want to set up a profile there so that you can see what your scores are after the match.
  • Once you have signed in we will introduce you to one of our range safety officers who will take you, and the other new shooters, over to one of the bays and walk you through a few of the basic safety rules and some of the etiquette of USPSA.
  •  At about 9:50AM there will be an all shooter briefing to cover details about the match.
  • At 10AM the fun starts! We typically shoot 6-8 “stages” or courses of fire that you will be scored on. Our matches typically end between 2pm and 3pm. When we are done shooting everyone helps break down the stages and put everything away.


Most frequent questions and answers

That’s easy. Here is a quick list of what you will need:
1. Your favorite handgun in 9mm or larger caliber.
2. 250-300 rounds of ammunition. 
3.  Enough magazines or speed loaders to hold 45 rounds of ammo.
4.  A holster that will allow you to safely draw and reholster your gun one handed.
5.  A good belt to hold it all.
6. Eye and ear protection.
7. A hat and sunscreen
8. Your favorite non-alcoholic beverages
9. Something to carry it all with
10.  A positive and SAFE attitude

You should be proficient enough with your gun to draw, load, fire, reload, fire some more, unload, and then safely re-holster your gun. You should also be accurate enough to hit a silhouette sized target consistently at 10 yards. If you can do those things, you are ready to shoot your first match. 

Absolutely, but all adults and children’s legal guardians will need to sign a range waiver and everyone will need to bring and wear eye and ear protection at all times.

That’s easy, head over to our contact page and leave your contact information or e-mail/call us. We are here to help answer any questions you might have.