Monthly Match

Low Country USPSA strives to put on some of the best monthly action pistol matches in the South-East. Our stages are designed to challenge your shooting skills and help make you a better shooter.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our monthly matches.


Most frequent questions and answers

Matches are typically held on the 4th Saturday of every month, weather permitting.

Registration opens at 9:30AM, there will be an all shooter briefing at 9:50AM, and shooting begins at 10AM. New shooters MUST attend the new shooter brief at 9AM to shoot that day. New shooter info can be found here.

Match registration, squad selection, and scoring are done via PractiScore. To preregister for any of our matches, go to PractiScore.

The match fee is $20. You can pay on-line via credit card during pre-registration but we ask that you bring cash if you are paying when you arrive.

We typically shoot 6-8 stages depending on the total number of shooters registered and the match generally wraps up between 2pm and 3pm. One stage per match will be a USPSA classifier.

Total round count will vary from month to month, but usually is around 175. We suggest you bring 250 rounds to be safe.

Shooters are limited to one gun per match. If you wish to shoot a second gun, on the classifier stage only, you may do so for an additional $3.

All shooters are expected to assist with pasting and resetting targets and with tearing down stages after the match.

When you arrive at the range, just follow the USPSA target signs back to the upper range bays and we will sign you in there. You do not need to stop at the range office.

Spectators are both allowed and encouraged but everyone must have eye and ear protection and sign a range waiver upon arrival at the match.

Bottle water is provided free on the range but we suggest that you bring any sport drinks that you may want and any snack.